Jars Of Cannabis Flowers

Does your accountant understand this? We do.

At Isdaner & Company we understand the intricacies of the tax code and audit needs of the cannabis industry. Everyone is talking about 280E, however, businesses in the cannabis industry need to be aware of so much more. Isdaner can help with regulatory, compliance, audits, reviews, compilations, tax assistance with 280E, operations consulting, internal control evaluations, and projections and forecasts.

Isdaner is committed to helping new as well as established companies in the cannabis industry better understand and master their accounting needs.

To learn more about the services we offer to this industry, refer to this brochure.


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Audits
  • Reviews and Compilations
  • Tax Assistance with Section 280E
  • Operations Consulting
  • Internal control Evaluations
  • Projections and Forecasts

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