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My Summer Internship Experience: Motivates Me to Learn New Things

Kassidy Hughesby Kassidy Hughes

This summer I’m interning at Isdaner & Company, LLC as an Audit Intern. I learned about Isdaner at a La Salle University networking event where I had the pleasure of meeting some of the staff. I really enjoyed speaking to the Isdaner Team and learning about the tight-knit community Isdaner offers at a mid-sized, independently owned, public accounting firm. Since starting at Isdaner in June, I have been able to increase my knowledge of the firm, its clients, auditing, and the accounting profession. Most of my work involves preparing analytics, compiling walkthroughs, rolling forward prior year data, making sample selections, and analyzing expenses. Since starting my internship at Isdaner, I have already begun to apply my new knowledge to my classes. Being able to gain real-world experience has been beneficial to help me understand the “big picture” when it comes to accounting.

My favorite part about working at Isdaner is the size of the firm. I get to work with everyone in the audit department and build relationships with the other departments as well. A benefit of working for a mid-sized firm is that they take the time to make sure I’m making good progress and understanding the work. This is important because when given work, I get taught about not only what I have to do, but the meaning behind why it is done. I also have weekly check-ins with one of the partners. This is very helpful because not only does he want to make sure that everything is going well, but also make sure that I am getting substantive, meaningful work. With the practical work experience gained through my internship at Isdaner, classroom material has taken on a deeper meaning.

What makes Isdaner stand out is the experience you gain from the internship. I have received a real-world experience that is more in-depth than I could imagine. Getting taught by professionals who take the time to teach me the entirety of everything I work on, motivates me to keep learning new things each day.

Kassidy Hughes is a Junior at La Salle University.