Let’s begin with some background information. How and when did accounting originate? Accountancy is thousands of years old and has been traced to ancient civilizations. It has been documented that the early development of accounting dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, and is closely related to counting and money and early auditing systems by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. History tells us that Luca Pacioli, who has been referred to as The Father of accounting and bookkeeping, was the first person to publish a work on double-entry bookkeeping in 1494. I find this quite interesting; however, I am an accountant.

Let’s continue with a little more background information. Accounting involves the recording of financial transactions of an organization, including the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting such transactions in financial statements. The financial statements are used for decision making purposes by external users, such as investors and creditors. Financial statements are also needed by senior management of companies, both large and small, to provide guidance for making decisions regarding operational, financial and tax matters that are necessary to ensure that the organization continues as a going concern. This process doesn’t sound boring to me. Actually, it sounds quite interesting; however, I am an accountant.

There are many famous people who began their careers as accountants that may be of interest to you as follows:

  • John Grisham, author, began his career as a tax attorney and later pursued criminal law which he credits for his knowledge that he uses in his novels.
  • Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, began his career at Arthur Young and Company and later was a co-founder of Home Depot. The wealth that he accumulated from Home Depot allowed him to purchase the Falcons.
  • Kenneth Gorelick, a.k.a. Kenny G., musician, graduated magna cum laude from the University of Washington with an accounting degree and is now a world famous saxophonist and recording star.
  • Chuck Liddel, former UFC light heavyweight champion, graduated from California Polytechnic University with an accounting degree.
  • Mick Jagger and Robert Plant, musicians, both began their education as accounting majors, however, were drawn into other interests as we are well aware.

Do these people sound boring to you? I find them very interesting; however, I am an accountant.

Whether someone is boring or not is dependent on one’s perception and values. An individual’s perceptions and values are determined by that individual’s background and life experiences. I believe in the old saying “To each his own,” but then again, what do I know, I am an accountant.