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Tax Filing Dos and Don’ts – Tips from Mitch Gerstein

If you’re suffering from headaches, restlessness, muscle tension, or irritability, you may need to call your doctor. Or it could just be tax season.

The Philadelphia Business Journal asked Philadelphia-area accountants, “What are the dos and don’ts for those filing their taxes on their own this year? Any tips?”

Mitch Gerstein, senior tax advisor, at Isdaner & Company replied:

To avoid common mistakes it’s best to use tax software to prepare your tax return. Tax software will eliminate common math errors. Tax software offers e-File, a free online process for the submission of tax returns directly to the IRS and state(s). The e-filing system often detects common mistakes, especially when claiming dependents. E-Filing saves you from delays in processing your tax return. The best way to get your tax refund is to select direct deposit to electronically deposit your refund for free into your financial account.

You can check the status of your tax return and refund 24 hours after e-Filing by using the “Where’s My Refund?” tool. If you owe tax consider using direct debit to electronically withdraw the amount owed for free from your financial account rather than mailing a check that is susceptible to theft, loss, and damage.

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