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What Makes Isdaner & Company a Top Workplace

Rebecca Norris, Tax Manager at Isdaner LLCRebecca Norris talks about what makes Isdaner & Company a Top Workplace.

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Hi, I’m Rebecca Norris I’m one of the managers in our tax department here at Isdaner. My transition from an Arkansas firm to a firm here in Philadelphia was amazingly smooth.

I was really nervous about moving to such a bigger location um a different part of the country but this firm has been so great. Everybody here has been so warm, welcoming, and supportive. The transition could not have gone more smoothly.

This firm is committed to client service, educating our clients, and advocating for our clients. What I like about the culture here at Isdaner is that everybody is so supportive. We work as a team.

Another thing I liked about this firm how accessible the partners are. They’re always available, anytime I need help, if I have a concern or question, or just need somebody to bounce an idea off of. There’s almost unlimited potential here for leadership opportunities.

I’ve been able to direct my career in the direction I wanted to go since I’ve been here. There are a lot of opportunities to exercise my leadership skills. I’ve gotten to lead teams. I’ve gotten to um head committees and had my ideas listened to. I’ve gotten to make changes in this organization. I’ve gotten to advocate for some things that I would like to see. And, I feel like I was listened to and respected even as a new person coming in the door from another firm.