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Why Trent Decided to Work at Isdaner & Company

Trent Musselman accountant“Real-world work experience, welcoming team, and diverse group of clients.”

Trent Musselman started his accounting internship with the firm in January 2022 and became a full-time employee as a staff accountant in the audit and accounting department in August 2022. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University in May 2022. Here is why Trent decided to work at Isdaner & Company.

“The most rewarding part about my internship was getting to know the staff and gaining real-world experiences over the course of the tax/audit season. It was hectic to start during the busy season, but it allowed me to see how hard the team works as one cohesive unit.

Joining the firm full-time was an easy decision. The main reason was when I joined the firm on day one, they made me feel like I was part of the team. Everyone is very welcoming and whenever you have a problem/question, a team member is there to help you. I also like that I work on a variety of audits in different industries in the Philadelphia area.

Isdaner offers great opportunities – working in a wide range of industries and training from the staff is unlike anything I have experienced in the field. You will learn a lot from a friendly team!