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Integrated Services

This department is dedicated to a holistic approach to the client relationship. Your goals are achieved through our understanding of the interdependence of your particular business and personal financial situations. The Integrated Services team brings a variety of skills and diverse experience in many industries all with the common goal of assisting closely-held companies and professional practices.

Closely-held businesses have special issues, opportunities and challenges: family continuity, wealth management, cash flow, budgeting, business valuation, financing, growth and expansion, ownership, and entity selection. An added dimension of challenges exists with closely-held businesses – the management of personal relationships. Our experts understand the sensitive nature of these relationships.

We work with both the business and the owners to gain in-depth knowledge of all the interrelated financial matters. We collaborate with attorneys, investment advisors, trust officers, bankers, insurance representatives, financial planners, and family offices to achieve your objectives.

You have a full array of services from experts in many fields, all available in one department. Our professionals provide hands-on service and goal-oriented tactics.

Integrated Services services include:

  • Tax & Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Compilations and Reviews
  • Bookkeeping/Record Keeping
  • Accounting Software Implementation

We cater to closely-held and family-owned businesses in a variety of sectors: real estate, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries, including law firms, medical and dental practices, and consultants.

Our team of professionals in the Integrated Services Department has broad and comprehensive experience across many industries. We work closely with the client’s leadership and accounting team to streamline their accounting processes and plan for tax savings strategies throughout the year. The senior members of our Integrated Services team have anywhere from 10 to 30 years of experience serving clients.

We offer a holistic approach as we look at the entire organization, including the owners, to align the company’s financial goals with respect to tax compliance and accounting. This big-picture approach helps in gaining insight and enhances our ability to advise clients, especially when a company is looking to expand or grow. Our team servicing the client is comprised of seasoned accountants who have worked with businesses and their owners for many years. In addition to tax and financial statement compliance, we also offer business consulting services, including consulting and training on accounting software solutions such as Quickbooks.

The Isdaner & Company client experience is extraordinary. We pride ourselves on offering our clients timely services in a personal manner. One of the ways we continually develop our firm is by surveying our clients every year to get feedback to help us improve our client relationships. Our firm has specialists in other related service areas, such as auditing, trusts and estates, and specialty tax transactions, and we all work together to best serve our clients. To get started with us, the prospective client would first contact our marketing director, Jill Lock at She will gather background information and determine the appropriate team to be assigned to the client. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!