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Accounting & Auditing

Our accounting and auditing staff focuses on understanding your business. Our work provides a valuable tool to help you evaluate your company’s financial performance and make informed decisions.

Isdaner & Company professionals are proactive for your organization’s success. We provide objective and efficient audit and accounting services, then look beyond the numbers to evaluate trends, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your financial and operational business performance, and make certain you’re receiving the right kind of financial information to run your business. We collaborate with attorneys, investment advisors, trust officers, bankers, insurance agents and financial planners to help you achieve your objectives.


The accounting and auditing services include:

  • Audits, Reviews, and Compilations of Historical Financial Statements
  • Attestation and Agreed-upon Procedures Engagements
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Internal Control Studies and Procedure Development
  • Break-even Analysis and Performance Measurement
  • Corporate Finance Services and Negotiation
  • Litigation Support and Special Investigations
  • Acquisition Assistance
  • Regulatory and Contractual Compliance Services
  • Implementation of New Technical Accounting Standards

A typical client may be a successful private business with $10 million in revenues that is experiencing growth, undergoing complex transactions (examples: sale or merger) and needs to expand their lines of credit with the bank or is seeking funding by investors such as venture capitalists. As a result, the company needs an audit to be completed. Audits of privately held companies address critical areas of concern such as internal controls and related-party transactions. Here is more information about audits for privately-held companies Another type of client is a nonprofit organization. We cater to medium to large size nonprofits that have a need for a full – service accounting firm. Not all nonprofits need an audit. A nonprofit may need an audit for the following reason(s) : bank requirement as condition of loan, state or government regulations, expenditures of $750,000 or more in federal funds during the year, or is a private foundation. Here is additional information about audits for nonprofits

Our professionals are uniquely qualified to offer accounting and auditing services because of our extensive experience in this area servicing a diverse group of clients. Our team includes accountants that have worked decades offering these services to our many clients. Our professionals have comprehensive knowledge backed by specific training. Some of our audit professionals have previously been controllers and Chief Financial Officers in private industry. We also are active in the American and Pennsylvania Institutes of Certified Public Accountants and serve on committees to increase our understanding of relevant issues in the accounting environment.

The client works closely with a team specifically designed for the client’s needs. The team includes a member (partner), manager or director, senior and staff level accountants. Our team makes sure the client is covered for all the stages of our work.

If a company or nonprofit wants to learn more about the services that Isdaner & Company has to offer then our marketing director, Jill Lock should be contacted. Her email is She will ask detailed questions about the prospective client’s needs and goals. Jill will then discuss this information with a leader in the accounting/auditing team and an assignment of appropriate personnel will be made. This professional will then reach out to the prospective client. Once all terms are agreed upon, an engagement letter will be sent. We pride ourselves on offering personal responsive service. The new client will have the opportunity of working with a highly qualified accounting firm who is dedicated to delivering excellent service and building lasting relationships.