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Trust & Estate Services

We offer our clients a distinctive blend of accounting and fiduciary services. As accountants and consultants, we undertake the responsibility for: preparing fiduciary tax returns for trusts, estates and guardianships; management of client assets as trustees and executors; and also provide tax advice to our clients and their families.

The staff at Isdaner & Company, LLC understands the importance of planning properly to ensure financial security for you and your heirs. The appropriate estate planning can provide solutions to anticipated problems and allow you to assert control over the future of your assets.

We help you to maximize your wealth and minimize taxes every step of the way. Our team works in tandem with other professional advisors to develop a comprehensive plan. We collaborate with attorneys, investment advisors, trust officers, bankers, insurance representatives, financial planners, and family offices to achieve your objectives.

Our professionals have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complexity of fiduciary tax laws and the compliance issues of federal and state tax filing requirements. Issues such as fiscal year selection, basis adjustments and timing of distributions require the specialized knowledge we offer. Our combined team has over 20 years of fiduciary tax experience.

Our careful planning allows our clients to take full advantage of available credits and deductions. We realize the timing of expenses or offsets is essential in maximizing tax benefits to our clients.

Our clients include family offices, trustees, beneficiaries, executors, and attorneys that need timely and professional preparation of fiduciary tax returns and the review of wills and trusts for tax considerations.

Trust & Estate Services include:

  • Estate Accounting and Fiduciary Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Trust Accounting and Fiduciary Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Estate and Trust Administration
  • Wills and Trusts Review

We address the needs of family offices, trustees, beneficiaries, executors and attorneys in the preparation of fiduciary tax returns. Our professionals also review wills and trust documents taking into account tax considerations.

Our trust and estate professionals have helped thousands of high-net worth individuals, families and family offices. The Isdaner & Company team has more than two decades of fiduciary tax experience. We understand the complexity of fiduciary tax laws and the compliance issues of federal and state tax filing requirements.

The team offers a distinctive blend of accounting and fiduciary services. We take an active part in planning to ensure financial security for the client. By working closely with our clients, we develop a comprehensive plan to maximize the client’s wealth and minimize taxes. This focus is crucial in the planning.

A prospective client would first contact our marketing director, Jill Lock She will ask a variety of questions to understand the prospect’s needs. The answers to these questions will be shared with the trust and estate services professional and a determination will be made as to the appropriate accountant for the engagement. The accountant will contact the prospective client. Once the engagement is agreed upon, an engagement letter will be sent to the prospect. After the engagement letter is signed, the extraordinary client experience begins. Our professionals will help the client navigate trust and estate issues and also aid in ensuring the preservation and wealth for future generations.